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Vun Fat Factory
Our Production plants are housed in a factory of 100,000 sq. ft. and over a site of 240,000 sq. ft. in Shanshui,
Guangdong, China.
We are now able to buy over 5,000 metric tons of plastic waste material and produce around 4,000 metric tons
of recycled plastic material a month.
       煥發位於中國廣東三水的生產廠房佔地面積達100,000平方呎, 總工場更佔約240,000平方呎。
Our Products
We producing 4000 metric tons of Repro Pellet monthly, We produce HIPS White color Repro Pellet ,  HIPS Black
Color Repro Pellet, HIPS Grey Color Repro Pellet ,  EPS Black Color Repro Pellet and EPS Natural Color Repro
Our Marketing department  set up Selling Center in China , like Shun Tak ,Shenzhen, DongGuan, Foshan,
Zhejiang, Hebei ,etc. At the same time, we selling our product  to worldwide plastic partner ,  including Japan , 
United States, Europe. 
       我們每月生產約4000噸的HIPS 再生粒, 分別有白色, 黑色, 灰色的三種再生粒及EPS 再生粒, 分別有黑色和原色的
       我們於中國國內有多個銷售中心, 包括順德, 深圳, 東莞, 佛山, 浙江, 河北等等。 同時我們的再生粒亦出口到世界
各地的客戶, 包括日本, 美國, 歐洲等等。
HIPS White Repro Pellet HIPS Grey Repro Pellet HIPS Black Repro Pellet EPS Repro Pellet
HDPE White Repro Pellet HDPE Blue Repro Pellet HDPE Grey Repro Pellet  
Vun Fat Plastic Material (HK) Company Limited
31/F, Flat 3110, Cable TV Tower, 9 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan,N.T.,Hong Kong.
Tel :(+852)2407 5323    Fax : (+852)2409 6450